Austria: Disclosure of Transfers of Values

The disclosure of transfers of values to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and Healthcare Organisation (HCO) is part of the transparency initiative developed by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations and the Association of the Austrian Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmig.

Servier adheres and fully supports the objectives promoted through this self-regulatory initiative.

Pharmaceutical companies have to interact with the medical community in order to advance scientific knowledge and improve patient care. These interactions regularly imply important work/time/involvement from HCP and HCO, like for example the setting and follow up of clinical trials. The outcome of this publication will contribute to provide a better insight on our interactions.

The Pharmig proposes additional information on the publication principles followed by pharmaceutical companies locally.

For Austria, the publication of Servier’s transfers of values is available here:

This publication has been prepared in accordance with the Austrian methodological note and the requirements of the Pharmig Code. The interactions listed in this document include all transfers of values made each year from 1st January to 31st December by all companies of the Servier Group, locally or from foreign countries.

You can contact us for any question in the information provided in this section and also find more information on the publication made by Servier in other countries.

Unterstützung – Patientenorganisationen

Von einer vertrauensvollen Zusammenarbeit – die auf Grundsätzen wie Ethik und Transparenz beruht – profitieren sowohl Unternehmen der Pharmaindustrie als auch Patientenorganisationen.

Servier Austria unterstützt Patientenorganisationen in Form von Geldspenden.

Mit der Zuwendung an Patientenorganisationen ist keine Beeinflussung der Informationen, die diese Organisationen an ihre Mitglieder und andere Adressaten weitergeben, seitens des Unternehmens verbunden.

Servier Austria veröffentlicht einmal jährlich alle Zuwendungen an Patientenorganisationen: